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I went to Western Bee and picked up a super kit, a Bee escape, and a varoa mite screen board. And so I wont have to buy them every year because i have found that the Montana Climate is rough on exposed wood. So I have been painting stuff.  And of Course the new stuff is getting painted too. I may actually have to buy another gallon of white exterior for the inside of the shed doors i have still not painted after 4 years.

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The super kit is the area of the hive where we can put a queen excluder and have the workers store honey there. that makes it easy to harvest the honey. It has 10 frames that are smaller than the brood since no bees will be born up there and i am thinking about experimenting with single top bars and no foundation. yeah Some beekeepers used a different hive altogether.  But since i want to make “comb honey”, which will be wax and honey to eat, it may be easier than special frames for that. I don’t wanna work hard for the honey.

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Also in the pictures is a ventilation adapter to allow better ventilation of the hive and make the nectar to honey change a lil faster  :>


This hopefully will be fun.











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December 30, 2011 at 2:10 am

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