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Moving towards a goal

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Just so ya know. Yeah this is a blog about my beekeeping.  Last night I dragged Meechee 68 miles, to the Missoula Museum of Natural History. Why? Because we went to listen to a beekeeper explain his foray into becoming a beek[1]. Was a very interesting 2 hours. For one thing there were 50 people there, on a Wednesday night during [2]hedoubletoothpickscious wind and rain and hail and snow storm. Meechee drove her car because I am undergoing treatment now for inflamed eyes, so they were dilated.  We dined at the Denney’s[3] in town. At 9 PM or 2100 to normal folks, we entered a very tidy and neat lil museum. The talk was from retired Major Brian Rogers.  A former steely eyed missile man if I have ever seen one and well of course he lives in Great Falls MT.  If the world ends by Nukes, Great falls will be in on it.  Meechee even got curious and asked more questions than I did. But then there wasn’t much new to me but it was nice having all the steps I have taken be confirmed and even the reasoning for doing it be examined the same way.

A few weeks ago I pondered getting a Nuc along with the package of bees. Well I am making arrangements to get a Nuc from Washington State.  Traveling 260 miles, so I could drive another 260 miles with bees in the truck with me.  Nothing could go wrong.

Any way yeah I will have 2 hives this year.  So off to Western Bee I went.

[1] Beek is the term beekeepers call themselves.

[2]  Very windy but warm in high 30’s and did I say windy yet?

[3] Good food good people

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