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No more assembly or painting. I picked up the last major parts at Western Bee. They are assembled and one of the medium supers has 10 foundation less frames plus 5 spares. I really want some cut comb honey in canning jars to sell. I also have some spare frames and foundation. I have plans of 2 brood chambers plus a medium super for the bees.. the 5 extra boxes will be for me. And maybe leave on for winter a couple of them if I think it is needed. So I have 2 bee packages coming , one to Town at western bee here for pickup and one being mailed. So I will end up with a mix of carnolians and Russians As they will I am sure mix a lil since they will be right next to each other and come split time I hope some mixing happens next year. Some details of the frames as I built them are in the pictures this week. And I made a ventilator cap piece Similar to this one for sale. At Western Bee In town Nice Folks here.

Since the kit had no nails I had to use the nailer for cabinets I used glue and ¾” finish nails.

5 Extra supers. To the left is the permanent part of the hive. 2 Brood Chambers and a medium super. With the homemade ventilator and a cedar stand I built.

Both hives The difference is the number 2 has no vent cap yet. And a block stand instead of cedar. And ratchet straps to make it hard for wind and critters to get inside.

Number 2 hives vent cap Unpainted larger holes than number 1 but less of them.



Next month will be setting the hives outside. And awaiting the bees in mid to late April.


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February 19, 2012 at 3:06 am

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