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Bees already!!!!!!!

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As you see here this is a swarm of bees in a friends lilac bush.  her hubby and Kids and she did not want the bees there. So I volunteered to collect them. They were at eye level so no ladders. Did have to call the wife to bring a pair of pruning shears. I forgot them.  I did have to go back that evening and vacuum up the strays and even then i hear there is a small ball of them. Was easy in the cool of the AM here.  Just cut carry and shake over the box.


So I brought them back and They have stayed 72 plus hours and seems to have eaten the pollen substitute and gobs of syrup. I do not know if i got a queen I figure they have to have some food and build some comb so i do plan of looking the super for comb on maybe Tuesday when it will be warmer and also about 5 days in.   I have been checking the feeding pail every day and today i cleaned out a bunch of the branches that came in with them.. because I want these guys rocking because i ordered a new brood set to pickup on Monday for the 2 hives that are coming on May 4.


So any way watching these guys  do not see any mites on them.. Wings mostly look good.   If we have a queen It may work out.    JJ the Swarm catcher.. 






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April 30, 2012 at 12:17 am

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