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Yes Beekeeping

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I have been asked,  and I quote “What ??????? Why Bee keeping?”   The Answers are :

How else can i keep my honey fixation going?  I like honey.

It is something to do.

It is good for the fruit trees i have which will help the canning and preserving habits i have developed.

I have always been curious. That field trip in 1964 to Millers Honey in Colton CA. did not answer all my questions.

During my illustrious career I had 3 or 4 dealings with bees. That fascinated me to no end but It was not my job so when the folks were safe as i could make em i hope back on the engine or ladder and left.

So My Goals in this project.

1. Have “free” honey to eat.

2. Have beeswax for candles and other things

3. Sell honey and beeswax at the farmers market. <No one sells honey there now.>

4. Make money?


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December 21, 2011 at 8:36 pm

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